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Execlusive Distributor for Rawlplug, Forta, H.B. Fuller, Larsen


Rawlplug is one of the world's leading manufacturers of specialist anchoring and fixing systems, with distribution on every continent. For nearly a century since our foundation in 1919, the Rawlplug® brand has been synonymous with innovation, reliability and safety in the development and manufacture of construction anchors and fixing products.

At Rawlplug we pride ourselves in providing the highest quality industry-approved products and the most extensive offer range, which is constantly evolving to meet users’ demands and expectations. Our high manufacturing standards go hand in hand with outstanding customer services, comprehensive R&D, technical advice and professional engineering support including site testing and product training, to deliver entire solutions for every area of our business.

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FORTA's beginning in 1978, its fibers have played an important role in the design and construction of many different types of projects, from airports and tennis courts to swimming pools and public schools.

Today, FORTA continues to be the most respected name in the synthetic fiber industry, including research and development. From a single grade of fiber, FORTA has expanded its product line to include an entire family of fibers tailored to specific applications and demands of the international concrete community. Coupled with a dedicated and knowledgeable management, staff, and workforce, FORTA Corporation will continue to lead the way in building a better concrete future.

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HB Fuller is world leading adhesive & sealant manufacturer with presence across the globe. HB Fuller was first launched in 1887 when Harvey Benjamin Fuller, Sr., travelled from Chicago to St. Paul, Minnesota, with the sole intention of inventing and selling glue. Ever since, the company has been so successful in its products innovation and formulation and with its years of experience in adhesive business, it's now grown to be a multinational company listed on NYSE.

From floor to ceiling HB FULLER products are used throughout the residential and commercial building industries, and provide solutions for the DIY customer. HB FULLER manufactures high quality adhesives and sealants in cartridge, sausage, and pail form. Other product offerings include silicones, fillers, foams and accessories.

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Larsen Weld-Crete bonding agents have been specified by major architects, engineers and construction companies throughout the world since 1952. The company has invented and patented its high strength bonding agent which incorporates polyvinyl acetate homopolymer. The product is very easy to use by painting on 1 coat direct from pail/tub and it waits for placement up to 10 days.

Use larsen bonding agents wherever you require a high performance bonding of cementitious material direct to structural surfaces (brick, block, tile, marble, metal, glass, timber board).

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BOSS® 353 Acrylic Gap Filler

BOSS® 353 Acrylic Gap Filler is a multipurpose, interior/exterior sealant that, when cured, forms a flexible, durable, weather resistant seal that bonds to most common building materials.

BOSS® 353 is fully paintable and sandable when cured. Uncured sealant cleans up easily with water. BOSS®353 will not bleed, stain or discolor.

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