Concrete Engraving

Decorative Concrete

Staining can always be complemented with engraving where designs are limitless. Engraving can be done prior or after staining depending on the desired result.

Innofloor employs a patented state of art engraving machine from the USA to permanently engrave or stencille patterns onto concrete floors accurately and consistently.

Interior Applications

  • Residential - Washrooms, Kitchens, Dining Area
  • Trendy restaurants & Cafe
  • Commercial Outlets
  • Shopping Mall

Exterior Applications

  • Residential - Terrace & Balcony
  • Car Porch / Driveway
  • Walkway
  • Pool Deck
  • Patios
  • Pavilion

Reasons Why Concrete Engraving is Our Customers’ Best Choice

  • The patterns are CUT INTO your ordinary existing hard concrete. It is better for the design to be 'IN' not 'ON' the concrete.
  • By remodelling existing concrete with easy to install concrete engraving, you save time, mess and money.
  • The pattern will last the life of the concrete. Many engraved concrete patterns look even better as they age.
  • Innofloor Engrave is not a topping or overlay that can delaminate.
  • The concrete engraving process beatifies and hides ugly, discoloured concrete along with disguising and hiding cracks, repairs and imperfections.
  • Concrete engraving is fast, clean and surroundings are undisturbed. There is NO intrusive demolition nor is the concrete replaced.
  • A wide variety of designs, patterns and logos are available along with a huge colour selection.
  • Innofloor Engrave process is a property investment that adds distinctive value, beauty and curbs appeal to any home or business.
  • No mandatory maintenance is needed. Ordinary dirt and grime washes away with a garden hose.
  • Resists tire marks. Oil drippings wipe right off the surface. Weeds cannot grow between these “grout” lines.
  • These brick, tile, stone or paver patterns can never come loose.
  • Enhanced resistance to moisture penetration.

We can engrave any logos and design unto your concrete floors. This is very popular for big F & B chains to attract attention to their outlets and also theme parks to give their patrons an unforgettable experience. INNOFLOOR DECORATIVE CONCRETE