Concrete Staining

Decorative Concrete

The creative options and colour choices with concrete staining are endless. Stained concrete can transform an interior floor, walkway, patio, pool deck, driveway from plain to spectacular. Each stained floor is unique and is often personalised with input of the owner or designer.

We carry wide colour selections ranging from earth tones to vibrant hues sourced from world best manufacturers to help interior designers, landscape designers and home owners to create the finishes they imaginable, converting grey concrete into a piece of unique and customised art piece. We have the skill and colour systems to create floors with uniform colours, or variegated look of stone, marble, gravel and wood texture.

Beautifying Existing Concrete Floor

Instead of masking existing cracks, owners may choose to highlight them to achieve a look that is aged or rustic by staining.

Finishing (Texturing)

Stained concrete can be paired with other concrete finishing techniques to create a striking affect. These techniques include broom finishing, rough toweling, and sand blasting, exposing of aggregate and more. Broom finishing can create shadow effects, "swirl" and "fan" patterns on colored concrete. Rough trowel can mimic natural stone surface. Sandblasting can be used to create designs, or to give the concrete a two-tone appearance by removing a layer of color. Exposing of aggregate gives the concrete a natural textured look by letting the stone or gravel in the concrete show through.

Repair & Resurfacing

We provide end to end services to clean new and existing concrete to prepare the substrate for staining, and if concrete is in worn out or chipped due to prior tile stripping process, we have full system to resurface the concrete by mechanical sanding, grinding or placing overlay coating to rework concrete to become fresh new again.