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FORTA-FERRO® is an easy-to-finish, color blended fiber, made of 100% virgin copolymer/polypropylene consisting of a twisted bundle non-fibrillating monofilament and a fibrillating network fiber, yielding a high-performance concrete reinforcement system.

FORTA-FERRO® is used to reduce plastic and hardened concrete shrinkage, improve impact strength, and increase fatigue resistance and concrete toughness. This extra heavy-duty fiber offers maximum long-term durability, structural enhancements, and effective secondary/temperature crack control by incorporating a truly unique synergistic fiber system of long length design. FORTA-FERRO® is non-corrosive, non-magnetic, and 100% Alkali proof!

This patented fiber is actually a blend of two fibers:

  1. A standard fibrillated polypropylene fiber to reduce and control shrinkage and temperature cracking, and
  2. A very heavy-duty twisted-bundle monofilament fiber made of a strong synthetic copolymer, to increase load-transfer and post-crack performance. This pre-blended fiber is typically used in long lengths (2-1/4″) and in high dosages (5 to 30 lbs. / cu. yd.) to affect a higher replacement level of reinforcing steel than standard synthetic fibers. FORTA-FERRO® , which means “Strong as Steel”, is also extremely user-friendly, having gained a reputation as the best mixing and finishing fiber of its kind in the industry.


FORTA-FERRO® has been tested by scores of agencies, laboratories, and testing facilities in a wide variety of performance areas, such as toughness, impact resistance, flexural strength, and residual strength. FORTA-FERRO® has also been compared in residual strength (ASTM C-1399) to the major brands of steel fibers, resulting in an average replacement value of 1:10 (FORTA-FERRO®: steel fibers). FORTA-FERRO® has been involved in composite-product vacuum testing in precast tanks and boxes, and tested under crushing loads in vaults and manholes.

This laboratory, and real-world field testing, has allowed FORTA-FERRO® to gain widespread acceptance and use in septic tanks, burial vaults, manholes, and other precast products where the reduction of steel and placement labor has resulted in sizable savings to the producer. And FORTA-FERRO® has also been used in scores of flatwork projects as well to reduce and/or eliminate the need for reinforcing steel, such as streets, bridge decks, and manufacturing and commercial floors. Continuing research programs and pilot field trials are also being performed to investigate the possibilities of joint-space extension and reduction, due to the tremendous reduction in shrinkage and slab curling afforded by these high-volume, high-strength fibers.

One of the fastest growing applications for FORTA-FERRO® is the use in both bonded and unbounded overlays. The increasing use of thin concrete toppings over deteriorated asphalt pavements and parking lots is the perfect place for FORTA-FERRO®‘s strength, toughness and durability.


Recommended dosage rate of FORTA-FERRO® is 0.2% to 2.0% by volume of concrete (3 to 30 lbs. per cubic yard) added directly to the concrete mixing system during, or after, the batching of the other ingredients and mixed at the time and speed recommended by the mixer manufacturer (usually four to five minutes).

What are the cost comparisons between FORTA-FERRO and steel reinforcement?

There are many factors to take into consideration. Steel fibers typically require special conveyors or extra man-hours to add them due to the high dosage per cubic yard. Steel mats or rebar are very labor intensive to place on chairs and supports and to tie properly. The 3-dimensional FORTA-FERRO® fibers can be placed with a laser guided screed and can eliminate the need for a concrete pump in these situations. The FORTA-FERRO® benefits can reduce labor hours and placement time, providing significant job savings.

How does FORTA-FERRO affect placement and finishing?

FORTA-FERRO® fibers are added at the concrete batch plant and require 4-5 minutes at normal mixing speed for proper distribution. They will reduce visual slump approximately 3″ at the 7.5 lb. dosage, and will typically require a super-plasticizer or mid-range water reducer to provide flowability for placement. Using excessive mix water will naturally reduce concrete strength and create bleed water that will make the surface less durable. Good concrete finishing practices should be exercised.

Can FORTA-FERRO® replace wire mesh, steel mats or rebar in slab-grade concrete?

In most situations, FORTA-FERRO® can safely and reliably replace all non-structural steel in slab-on-grade concrete. Factors such as requirements from rack or point load, average daily traffic, slab thickness and sub-base must be considered. As always, it is best to contact the FORTA® Engineering Department before eliminating steel reinforcement.

What benefits do FORTA-FERRO® fibres have over steel fibers?

FORTA-FERRO® (which means “Strong as Steel”) fibers are non-corrosive, non-magnetic and 100% alkali proof. In comparison testing vs. three types of steel fibers it was determined that it requires 1 pound of FORTA-FERRO® fiber to offer equivalent A.R.S. (Average Residual Strength) values to that of 10 pounds of steel fibers. This one-to-ten dosage ratio offers tremendous advantages for FORTA-FERRO® fibers in the batching, pumping, placing and finishing processes.