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ToolBox™ Invisible is an MS polymer, moisture curing adhesive and sealant.

Tool BoxTM Invisible is an MS polymer, moisture curing adhesive and sealant in one that cures to form a tough, water resistant seal. Tool Box Invisible adheres to a wide variety of materials and is a true 'tool box' in a cartridge.

Key Benefits

  • Solvent free
  • Isocyanate free
  • Free from phthalate plasticisers
  • Cures to form a permanently flexible and elastic bond
  • Rapid skinning and curing
  • Interior/exterior - High UV resistance
  • Hear resistant to 80°C
  • Non-corrosive
  • Resistant to chemicals - mineral oils, solvents, acids and alkalis (consult HB Fuller for job-specific information)
  • Mould resistant

  • Internal and external use
  • Sealing and bonding a wide variety of substrates
  • For transparent, colourless results
  • Sealing gaps in concrete, brick, mortar, metal and stonework
  • ToolboxTM Invisible is suitable for Green Building applications requiring VOC of maximum 30g/lt
  • Rubbers
  • Cement
  • Aluminium
  • Fibreglass
  • Brick
  • Steel
  • Concrete
  • Fibre Cement
  • Glass
  • Plastics (pre-test)
  • Timber

Not recommended for: submerged or constant water immersion, structural bonding.